Elementor #7362

Our Story

Across the seven seas, somewhere,
on a piece of paper ( may be ! )
written is a formula,
for a billion’s Favorite Beverage.
A Multi-National Conglomerate and,
it’s leverage.
That day,
during the drinks break,
the routine advertisement
on the Television
got me thinking.
asked my Nani-Maa
about her secret,
or better,
call it
the alternate vision.
“What secret?”
There must be one,
I thought to myself,
as I remembered
about the pickle jars
on her kitchen shelf.

3 rows each jam-packed,
totaling close to 20
old ceramic pots.
Heart warming smells,
home goodness trapped,
in china bone crocks.

The secondary favorite
of our primary meals.
Couldn’t help myself but,
ask her,
‘ Nani ( Grandmother )
what’s your deal ?
Do you really remember
all these recipes ? ‘

Her response was the same
rudimentary smile.
As if I had asked
the gall bladder itself,
the function of bile !

“ There’s no formula or
one-page secret dear.
May be it’s the good will
I have put in this work,
all three seasons,
for the last 40 years ! “

‘ Okay. So, Rehearse and Repeat ?
That’s it. Right ? ‘

“ No, No. Not so easy. “

“ First promise to stay here
with us, for a month or two.
Let loose of all your stunts,
would you ? “

“Only then you can know,
how those china bone crocks
differ from what they sell,
and what they show ! “

Part I

To Be Continued

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