Masala Amma Tangy & Crisp Onion Pickle/Pyaaz Ka Achar – 400 gms

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Tangy and Crisp onion pickle will surely boost your tastebuds and knock you out.

Made with naturally grown hand picked onions you can have this pickle any day of the week, any season of the year with roti, parathas or rice.

We prepare onion pickle with fresh raw onions, cooked them and then add spices and herbs to give a tangy flavour to it. Other than this we use cold pressed mustard oil in it to add a boost to the flavour.

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

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How to Store: Store in a cool & dry place, away from sunlight.

Note: All pickles & Murabbas are aged for six months, they are Naturally processed so when you get them all you have to do is take them out of the bag and pour them in a clean container and enjoy the taste of Ammaji’s yummy and healthy pickles & Murabbas.

3 reviews for Masala Amma Tangy & Crisp Onion Pickle/Pyaaz Ka Achar – 400 gms

  1. Sahil Shekhawat

    I was at a friend’s house, I was invited for a biryani get together. I saw him keeping a handful of this in his plate. Good fortune I asked him to give me some. Now i am ordering a jar and complementing every biryani meal with his. The great flavor enhancer.
    WOW just wow.

  2. Niharika Aaswani

    Mujhe kachaa pyaaz bilkul bhi pasand nhi, i don’t know why people like it so much in salad but this is different
    poora taste badal gya
    softer tangy and better

  3. Venugopal Iyer

    This is one of the best pickles I have ever had. Enhances the flavor of my rice meal, sprinkle some on top and there you go.
    Make the dish better at least 2 times.

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