Masala Amma Radish Pickle (Mooli ka Achar) – 400 gms

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Presenting our very special Radish pickle (Mooli ka Achar). Unique and tangy this pickle will boost your taste buds with its tangy an spicy flavour.

Naturally grown radish are handpicked from the streets of Uttar Pradesh and prepared at home away from any chemical or preservatives, with the use of natural herbs and spices.

We prepared this pickle with spices, herbs, cold pressed mustard oil and natural fermentation of mustard seeds also known as ‘Rai’.

100% natural and homemade do give it a try, you will surely love it 

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

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How to Store: Store in a cool & dry place, away from sunlight.

Note: All pickles & Murabbas are aged for six months, they are Naturally processed so when you get them all you have to do is take them out of the bag and pour them in a clean container and enjoy the taste of Masala Amma’s yummy and healthy pickles & Murabbas.

2 reviews for Masala Amma Radish Pickle (Mooli ka Achar) – 400 gms

  1. Aaditya Singh

    The best thing about this pickle is absence of preservatives. Glad there is a place in the market which believes in organic.
    #masalaamma #GOorganic

  2. Radhika Verma

    1. Better than any other carrot or radish pickle available in the market. Soft, spicy and tangy. Kudos to the #masalaamma team.

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