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Masala Amma Stuffed Green Chilli Pickle – 400 gms

590.00 490.00

Sourced straights from farms to Amma’s Kitchen, this one looks green, but breathes fury. Made for Indian taste buds, use Green Fire pickle by Masala Amma to add zing to your life! ?

Take a bit with your meal of rice or parantha to feel the fire.

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Peas & Carrot Pickle/Mattar & Gajar ka Achar – 400 gms

490.00 390.00

Made with exotic herbs & spices this Mattar & Gajjar pickle is prepared naturally in cold pressed mustard oil.

One of our star recipe, the zingy taste of the pickle is super exciting and with little mustard oil and home processed vinegar added as base gives it a unique flavour. Medium on hotness this Gajjar mattar pickle will surely add a nice spicy and tangy flavour to your meal.

When we come to the health benefits, this gajar mattar pickle is full of protein, vitamins and antioxidants.

Have this pickle with parathas or rotis, as not too much oil is added during the process, it is partially dry.

Home processed cold pressed mustard oil and Vinegar is used in this pickle which makes it 100% natural. 

No Preservatives or Chemicals added. 

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Masala Amma Cauliflower (Gobi) Pickle – 400 gms


Little spicy and tangy this Gobhi Achar(Cauliflower) is 100% Natural

This mouth watering pickle is made at home with Cauliflower, Spices, Vinegar and Cold Pressed Mustard Oil just like our grannies used to make.

The process of of this pickle is natural, florets of cauliflower is blanched and then mixed with spices and oil which give a ultimate flavour to the pickle, vinegar is also added to the pickle to give a boost of tanginess. 

Health Benefits: As we know cauliflower is good a good source of Fiber and B-Vitamins, pickle is a fun way to sneak into this veggie.

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

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Masala Amma Tangy & Crisp Onion Pickle/Pyaaz Ka Achar – 400 gms

599.00 490.00

Tangy and Crisp onion pickle will surely boost your tastebuds and knock you out.

Made with naturally grown hand picked onions you can have this pickle any day of the week, any season of the year with roti, parathas or rice.

We prepare onion pickle with fresh raw onions, cooked them and then add spices and herbs to give a tangy flavour to it. Other than this we use cold pressed mustard oil in it to add a boost to the flavour.

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

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Masala Amma Radish Pickle (Mooli ka Achar) – 400 gms

499.00 390.00

Presenting our very special Radish pickle (Mooli ka Achar). Unique and tangy this pickle will boost your taste buds with its tangy an spicy flavour.

Naturally grown radish are handpicked from the streets of Uttar Pradesh and prepared at home away from any chemical or preservatives, with the use of natural herbs and spices.

We prepared this pickle with spices, herbs, cold pressed mustard oil and natural fermentation of mustard seeds also known as ‘Rai’.

100% natural and homemade do give it a try, you will surely love it 

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

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Masala Amma Mango pickle (Aam ka Achar)- 400 gms

599.00 490.00

We all have a nice memory of eating mango pickle our mums used to make. Now you can have the same taste and revive your childhood memory with our special homemade Masala Amma’s Aam Ka Achar. 

Nicely seasoned, tangy and spicy this pickle is made with raw mangoes (kachi keri) hand picked from the streets of Uttar Pradesh.

This pickle comes with hardback and strong shell inside, Raw mangoes (kachi keri) are unpeeled and prepared naturally in sunlight, seasoned with spices, salt and cold pressed mustard oil. We use little bit of vinegar to add a punch to the flavours.

Spices like turmeric, fennel seeds, mustard seeds all are good for health, plus cold pressed mustard oil boosts your metabolism and invigorate digestion.

No Preservatives or Chemicals added.

How to Store: Store in a cool & dry place, away from sunlight.

Note: All pickles & Murabbas are aged for six months, they are Naturally processed so when you get them all you have to do is take them out of the bag and pour them in a clean container and enjoy the taste of Ammaji’s yummy and healthy pickles & Murabbas.

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Amma’s Jackfruit Pickle (Kathal ka Achar) – 400 gms


Tangy and Delicious premium quality raw JACKFRUIT pickle is made naturally at home from the raw vegetable sourced directly from the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. This jackfruit pickle is a must try!

All herbs and Spices used in this pickle are naturally produced, As this pickle require oil, We use Cold pressed mustard oil which is good for health and give delicious flavour to pickle.

Health Benefits : Jackfruit Pickle is good source of Vitamin A, B & C and have good amount of potassium, Iron & Magnesium which is good for health and surely gives a blast to your taste buds.

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Amma’s Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle – 400 gms

590.00 490.00

Fiery Hot Red Chilli pickle is made of 100% Natural Red Chilli grown in the northern parts of India.

Sourced from the local farmers of Uttar Pradesh, This edible fiery chilli will give you hot and spicy feel to your taste buds.

You can have this pickle with prathas, chapattis or rice to get an explosion of flavour.

We used all natural ingredients to make this chilli pickle which contains 66% of less fat compared to other pickles available in the market. Not high on spice this chilli pickle is made in cold pressed mustard oil pickle is naturally processed and aged for 6 months, No added Preservatives or Chemicals is used to prepare stuffed Red Chilli Pickle.

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