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Best Burger Joints In Delhi NCR
Best Burger Joints In Delhi NCR

Best Burger Joints In Delhi NCR, That You Must Visit

Who doesn’t love burgers? Burgers are the best choice for casual dates, lite lunch, and even mid-college snacks. Here we have a list of the best burger places in Delhi NCR, they offer the best burgers and you must visit them!

1) Big Fat Sandwich, cyber city
Yes, by its name this bistro seems like a sandwich place but trust me it’s not! Big Fat Sandwich offers one of the best jumbo burgers in town along with several other beverages.

Their most recommended dish is the Sloppy Joe. If you crave a cheesy burger or need a coffee break this is just the right place you need!

● Address: Sector 24, Cyber City, Gurugram
● Meal: 180 Rs. onwards for 1

2) Prankster
It is as fun as its name suggests and one of the best things about this place is that they offer a decent quantity of food.

One of their burgers is so big that it can serve four people. It has chicken patties with lettuce and cheese coated inside the bun with fries. It offers delicacies like Happy Burger which is a must-eat if you visit this place.

● Address: Sector 29, Gurugram
● Meal: 795 Rs. for 1

3) Burgerama
If you love cheeseburgers and you are finding a perfect joint for cheeseburgers then end your search as Burgerama. It is one of the best cheeseburger places in Delhi.

You can choose between tenderloin, chicken, and lamb and it can be a single, double, or even a triple patty burger. Along with this, they have their famous burgerama spice fries, fried pickles, meat popcorn, and onion rings.

● Address: Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
● Meal: 200 Rs. for 1

4) Kent’s fast food
Most of the Delhiites will already know about this restaurant, yes it is not the most luxurious restaurant on this list but their mutton burgers are to die for.

If you are a mutton fan then the most famous mutton burger will be at Kent’s, along with mutton and chicken cutlets. The food here is reasonable and addictive.

● Address: Defense colony, New Delhi
● Meal: 100 Rs. for 1

5) Cafe Delhi Heights, Vasant Kunj
If you are a huge fan of burgers then you must visit this place which offers huge burgers! Yes, that’s right. Cafe Delhi Heights offers the biggest burger in the city.

One of the most famous dishes of this restaurant is the Juicy Lucy Burger and we challenge you to finish it by yourself.

● Address: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
● Meal: 385 Rs. For 1

6) IHOP, Saket
Craving for burgers at breakfast? If yes then IHOP is the only place you should go. IHOP is famous for serving American burgers for a long time now.

One of their famous dishes includes Western Lamb Burger and Monster American Styled Burger which comes with fries.

● Address: Pushp Vihar, Saket, New Delhi
● Meal: 440 Rs. For 2

7) Bangin’ Burgers
This is a rather new joint on this list and something that makes it attractive is the names of their burgers. They have a bunch of celebrity-named delicacies like Aishwarya fry, Porker Face Burger, and Lambo No 5.

Not just the names but the burgers and treats are good in taste as well. If you are looking for a burger joint with other food items as well just go for their chicken wings, parmesan cheese, and truffle.

● Address: Greater Kailash, New Delhi
● Meal: 305 Rs. for 1

8) AKU’s- The Burger Co.
Something that brings our attention to this restaurant is that it has been trained under Chef Ritu Dalmia. It has one of the best meat burgers and side items.

It offers food ranging from hardcore chicken lovers to vegetarians to gluten intolerant, can you believe it? Everything in a single menu! Their famous dish includes The Meister Burger.

● Address: Defence colony, New Delhi
● Meal: 300 Rs. onwards

Hman is the best barbecue point in Delhi. It has fresh grills and offers you the best BBQ food. It dedicates a luxurious dine-in.

The place is usually so full that you might need to book it in advance(at least 2 days before) for a reservation. Be it a chicken burger, tenderloin burger, or lamb burger you can be assured of excellent food.

● Address: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
● Meal: 300 Rs. onwards

These are some of the best burger places we have come across in Delhi NCR, if you are trying out a new burger joint do try out one of the burger places on our list.

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