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Best soya chaap delhi
Best soya chaap delhi

10 Best Soya Chaap Places In Delhi, You Shouldn’t Miss Being a Chaap Lover

Call yourself a Chaap lover and haven’t visited these delicious & best chaap in delhi yet? DAMN! You haven’t tasted any good chaap yet although these place’s chaaps are far more than good! So here we’re with a sorted list of some top delicious chaap serving places in Delhi you won’t miss being a chaap lover.

1. Wah ji Wah

Living in Delhi, you must’ve heard about this name because they have 43 outlets only in Delhi. Yes, you heard it right “43 outlets”. They serve a variety of delicious soya chaaps like Achari Chaap, Afghani Chaap, Hariyali Chaap, Reshmi Chaap, Malai Chaap Roll, Chaap Rogan Josh, Chaap Lababdar Gravy, etc.Apart from the taste their quick preparation and delivery make them different and more famous from others. And it’s a pure vegetarian restaurant therefore if you’re a vegetarian and looking for the best soya chaap in Delhi, you must visit this place.

● Cost: 500 ( for 2 )
● Address: multiple outlets

2. Sardarji Malai Chaapwale

Talking about chaap and is it possible to not include Sadarji? So, here we go, giving our second suggestion with 5 outlets in Delhi, “ Sardaarji Malai Chaapwale”.

Punjabis are more into desi ghee, right? Here, our sardarji is also offering the best variant of soya chaap made from pure desi ghee with a good balance of spices.

This chaap place in delhi have their special chaaps too. You must try their bunty bubli chaap, it has a great roast of spicy chaaps, tossed into smooth gravel of yogurt with slightly pungent mint chutney.

● Cost: 450 ( for 2)
● Address: Multiple Outlets

3. Kulcha King

I know after reading the name you must’ve thought that it’s famous for kulchas and yes, they are famous for their Amritsari Kulchas but also for their mouth-watering soya chaaps.A father and son named Avtar Singh Bagga and Harjeet Singh respectively served people with their delicious food for a long time.Serving of chaap is done along with chutney and chopped onions with mint and coriander that completes the chaap smoky flavor.

● Cost: 400( for 2 )
● Address: Shop 144, Ring road market, Sarojini Nagar.

4. Hunger Strike

Here’s the fourth one with extending your choice by its delicious soya chaaps. It also offers a wide variety of tasty chaaps but the top in their menu is Soya chili chaap and Masala roll Soya butter chaap.No doubt, they’re delicious, soft, and spicy items. They also have soya chaap rolls on their menu and you must give them a try whenever you visit.

● Cost: 400( for 2 )
● Address: Multiple Outlets

  1. Mitra Da Dhaba
    Every city has that one restaurant that is the ultimate hub of college and school-going kids and here we’ve our Mitra Da Dhaba first choice of these youngsters.

Their Stuffed Chaap, Afghani Chaap, and Malai Chaap are incomparable.

● Cost: 350 ( for 2 )
● Address: 1/124, Shankar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, Rajinder Nagar.

6. Chaap point

Small in size but the perfect place for chaap lovers. This is a small restaurant offering a variety of delicious chaaps. It’s especially known for its various types of chaap, chaap rolls, and some other items.

Along with the delicious chaaps it also serves Paneer Tikka Roll, Mushroom Tikka Roll there. And you can also eat shahi chaap, malai chaap.

● Cost: 200 ( for 2 )
● Address: Appu Town, Ramesh Nagar, Near Gol Chakkar Park, Kirti Nagar.

7. FCF Chaap & Kabab’s

No one can beat this restaurant in around the Rajouri garden. The FCF has something different in their chaaps, they’ve created the magic of innovation by serving for years.

The FCF is famous for its Golden Fried Chaap Special, Chaap Orley, and Chilli Chaap. Their wide range of flavors that can’t be ignored.

● Cost: 500 ( for 2 )
● Addresse: 11/92, Near Surya Continental Hotel, Subhash Nagar.

8. Shiv Tikki Wala

Some restaurants are only open during evening hours and this is one of them. They have a specialty in their chutney, they serve soya chaap with their special chutney.

Their malai chaap and afghani chaap are so soft and tasty that they melt in the mouth. You must try them on visit.

● Cost: 250 ( for 2 )
● Address: Ground Floor, Pramesh Tower, Karkardooma Community Centre, Karkardooma.

9. Gupta Chaat Corner

The one of the oldest restaurants in the surrounding. Serving people from decades are famous for their chilli chaap, achari chaap, and tandoor chilli chaap.

People are always happy with their serving as the quantity they provide is totally worth the money and also more than other restaurants. They have 2 outlets across Delhi.

● Cost: 300 ( for 2 )
● Address: Punjabi Bagh and Vikaspuri.

10. Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale

If you’re a gym freak or a dieting person then you will have to tell them to put less butter on your chaap as their chaaps are full of butter.

This chaap corner has 27 outlets in delhi. They have a lot of different chaaps in their menu or you can say endless. Sunny leone chaap is also on their menu. They are worth visiting.

● Cost: 300 ( for 2 )
● Address: Multiple Outlets

I hope you’ve already planned your visiting map after reading these suggestions. Have a foodie day!

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